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Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making


B-GOOD is all about healthy and sustainable beekeeping. Its main objective is to help beekeepers maintain healthy bee colonies. In order to highlight their invaluable work and role in B-GOOD, we launched a new campaign dedicated to beekeepers. #BeekeeperStories presents the stories of various B-GOOD beekeepers with the goal of highlighting the importance, opportunities, and challenges of beekeeping.
#BeekeeperStories: Marja Bastiaansen
#BeekeeperStories: Martin Klopfer
#BeekeeperStories: Chrys Charpentier
#BeekeeperStories: Malte Hasse
#BeekeeperStories: Thorsten Hornemann
#BeekeeperStories: Tobias Dittmann
#BeekeeperStories: Dirk-Jan (DJ) Valkenburg
#BeekeeperStories: Bas Sprengers
#BeekeeperStories: Vincent Louis